Location - Accessibility

The Physical Gym is located in the heart of Rethymno , at the corner of Panepistimiou and Eleftheria Kafatou street, very close to the beach . The ideal choice for everyone in Rethymno with ample parking space.


The facilities of the Physical Gym Club are situated in an area of 700 square meters. In these facilities there is an area for the weights, equipment for the aerobic workout, locker rooms and 3 areas for Group workouts: one for bikes , one in a “cage” form for our intense programs like HIIT and Kettebells and one more for other training programs .

Opening Hours

There are no restrictions due to a certain days or times. We are fully functional six days a week. Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 23:30 and Saturday 10:00 to 20:00 . The gym remains closed on official State holidays and Religious holidays in Rethymnon such as Christmas , Easter and Mid-August .

A Complete Team Program

We designed the complete team programme with the criteria of your services. Regardless of the day or time, you can find a workout or training program that will help you achieve the desired results. They are all designed to meet the needs of both men and women, regardless of their fitness level, age or any previous experience. The instructor will give options for everyone.


Our equipment has been characterized as being the most modern for fitness and machine workouts in Rethymnon. Among other things, we have provided a variety of machines in order for you to workout without any concerns and anxiety

A Friendly - Youthful Environment

Do you want to feel like you are in a pleasant and at the same time safe environment? Do you want to meet new people with similar interests? Both the administration and the staff work so as the environment at our gym to be ideal for you.

Reasonable Prices

Our prices are adapted to the economic crisis of our times. Surely there will be cheaper memberships. We are committed to offering prices that are reasonable for those who seek a membership fee that offers what is promised. Under no circumstances are there any hidden charges or fees.

The Staff

The staff are certified for the position they maintain. The Fitness trainers for the Group Programmes are trained and skilled for the programs offered whilst the personal trainers are always at your disposal for instructions . Of course , they prepare your individual exercise programme and are at your aid when needed .

Consultants for Members

Apart from the fitness trainers, the Members' Consultants are at your disposal for any issue that may concern you. They can recommend programms that will help you socialise and of course help you get the results you want. They are always willing to advise you on anything new happening at the Physical Gym Club!